The Man With The Worlds Smallest Cock

A lot has been made of that fuckwit dentist from the USA who kills protected lions, white rhinos, bears, in fact anything he can aim his high-powered rifle at. From a safe distance of course. I agree with the majority, he is a Grade A cunt, sadly there are a lot of Grade A cunts with big fat bank accounts who call slaughtering animals for fun a “hobby”.

In this instance I hope this retard’s “hobby” loses him his profitable dental practice (a good shout after reading his feedback page!), his family, friends and all his money. Killing animals to feed yourself is fine. Killing them to stick the decapitated head on the wall of your man-cave is not.

I hope karma gives him a slow painful death.


Hello world!

Hmmm, yeah….it’s been a very long time since I did anything like this. I sort of lost interest as I used to be an avid blogger with quite a large following.

Sometimes things in life change, as do priorities, and writing amusing anecdotes on t’internet takes a back seat.

Can I get back into the swing of things? Can I find anything or anyone remotely interesting enough to call a cunt?


We shall see…