Robert Plant and the Prince of Wales

My family own two holiday caravans in Pennal near Machynlleth in Wales. On numerous visits we always pass the church in Pennal, St Peter ad Vincula. After a recent Robert Plant gig I was reading his Wiki page and he is really into Welsh history. It doesn’t say anywhere but I have a feeling his descendants or himself are linked to Owain Glyndwr; one carved stone outside the church bears the name “Plant” and it’s fact that Robert donated money to pay for the sculpture of Glyndwr that is outside the church.

So on our latest trip I thought We’d better pay a visit and take a few snaps…IMAG0165 (1) IMAG0163 IMAG0171 IMAG0169 (1) IMAG0170 (1) IMAG0172


2 thoughts on “Robert Plant and the Prince of Wales

  1. Robert has indeed a great interest in Welsh history – Owain Glyndwr in particular. However ,the ‘plant’ on the circular slate plinth is purely coincidental .
    ‘Plant’ is the Welsh word for children ;the plinth names Owain Glyndwr’s wife – Margaret Hanmer ,and then their ‘plant’ (children).


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